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Awa Fonka Augustine, Governor of the Province of Western Cameroon

On September 27, 2016, Dr. Talla and his current team of volunteers attended a reception by Sir Awa Fonka Augustine, Governor of the Province of Western Cameroon.
Select statements by the Governor: “The current Hospital structures in the region are sufficient neither in quantity nor in quality. (…) There are sons and daughters of the Western Province being educated to (medical) specialists all over the world, and we need some of them to return back here to their home country to engage in care for the people. I encourage you to continue and stand firm in your efforts. This region, and Cameroon as a whole, and this city all count on you. (…) Do engage, continue with what you are doing. If you do it well, people from very far away will come here (to get help and treatment). These days our community deserves people like you to get their support.”







Gynaecological University Clinic, “Insel” Hospital Complex, Berne

By courtesy of Professor Dr. med. Michel Müller, Head of Gynaecology and Gynaecological Oncology of the Gynaecological University Hospital , Berne, we are about to receive, in February, 2017, our first automated sterilization machine and two instrument washing machines in Cameroon at the CMCS. This will greatly boost the efficiency of our work.
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University Clinic for Visceral Surgery and Medicine, „Insel“ Hospital Complex, Berne
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Daniel Candinas, Director of the Clinic and Head of Visceral and Transplant Surgery, is constantly showing significant interest in ASPSC’s projects and is actively supporting the development of CMCS Bafoussam on various levels.
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Private Hospital “Linde”, Biel
By courtesy of Mr. Bernard Deriaz, Head of Operations, Private Hospital “Linde“, Biel, we obtained an additional automated sterilization machine and two fully equipped Laparoscopic / Arthroscopic Towers, which will enable us to perform laparoscopic operations in three ORs in parallel.
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swissendosSwissendos, Fribourg
Thanks to the support of Professor Dr. med. Michel Müller, Head of Gynaecology and Gynaecological Oncology of the Gynaecological University Hospital, Berne, and Ms. Katharina Loosli Kurth, Chief Executive Officer, Swissendos, Cameroonian Doctors will get the opportunity to receive model training in laporoscopic operating techniques in Switzerland, which will be followed by practical training under supervision and continued further training in Cameroon. The first intensive course is planned in 2017.
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ambulancerolandAmbulances Roland, Boudevilliers
The „rolling Ambulances“ not only have supported our project financially but have also donated the first vehicles for our mobile emergency service.
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esasurES-ASUR, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

ES-ASUR, a superior level education centre for Ambulance Personnel, has supported us by donating the first three Ambulances in the Province of North West Cameroon which are about to enter service shortly.  We are gratefully pleased to welcome on our upcoming missions teams of ES-ASUR to locally train our ambulance staff in Cameroon.
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villedeneuchatelCentre électronique de gestion (CEG), Neuchâtel

The Electronic Data Processing Centre of the City of Neuchâtel (CEG) has donated various computers and other ITC equipment to CMCS. We cordially and gratefully appreciate this donation.
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hopitalneuchateloisHôpital neuchâtelois (HNE), La Chaux-de-Fonds

The Humanitarian Commission of the Cantonal Hospital of the Canton of Neuchâtel (HNE) has completely funded the purchase of a container and its transport to Douala. This contaier was packed up with various medical materials that have also been donated by HNE – hospital beds, reanimation tables for newborn babies, a mobile x-ray unit, operating tables, obstetric chairs, automatic infusion pumps, and more). We gratefully appreciate this generous donation and the confidence in our work.
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spitalfreiburgHôpital fribourgeois (HFR), Freiburger Spital, Fribourg

Thanks to the generosity of the Cantonal Hospital of the Canton of Fribourg which donated two fully equipped Laparoscopic Towers we were able to open the first laparoscopic centre in Western Cameroon. Many, many thanks!
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Thanks to Medseek for their generosity











Becoming a Partner

If your aim is to support an efficient and transparent organisation with precise and realistic goals, supporting ASPSC is a good choice. Become our partner and share our vision of a better life for countless people in Cameroon!

Two to four times per year, you will receive our newsletter with updated information about our missions and progress of our projects. Your support contribution of CHF 50 per year (natural persons) is 100% spent on material and equipment for our hospital. All members are working without payment and we even pay ourselves for our flights and Visa. At the end of each year, you will receive a statement of donation for your tax declaration.

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  If your aim is to support an efficient and transparent organisation with precise and realistic goals, supporting ASPSC is a good choice. We guarantee that all monetary donations are 100% spent on material and...
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